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Upcoming Rules and Regulations From the EPA

ground installations
If you are an owner or operator of an underground storage tank, then it is important that you know and are aware of upcoming regulations from the EPA regarding these fuel tanks. Failing to be aware of the rules and regulations can cause you to fall out of compliance with the EPA. Here are some of the important changes that are coming up.

Secondary Containment

For any new or replaced pipes, there must be a secondary containment. This means that there must be an inner and outer barrier that is monitored for leaks.

Alternative Fuel

There are additional requirements that must be met before placing any biofuel blends in the underground storage tank. It is necessary that the fuel be compatible with the system.

Operator Training

Rules regarding an operator’s training are being changed. Minimum training requirements must be completed by October 13, 2018. This is for Class A, B and C operators. Any operators who fall out of compliance must be retrained within 30 days.
With the many upcoming changes, it is important to make sure your underground storage tank and operators are all compliant by the appropriate dates. If you have any questions on these changes or need to have your system repaired, removed or serviced, please visit R & R Petro Services, Inc. in Corpus Christi.