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Why You Can’t Afford to Forego State-of-the-Art UST Maintenance

Businesses need to make money, so executives have to address complex issues and make tough calls about how to allocate money. For example, important areas of work include research and development, maintenance and purchases of new technology.
When it comes to glamorous or profitable spending, fuel-tank maintenance might not be high on your list. However, maintaining your underground storage tanks (USTs) is one of the most important things you can do for your business.
On environmental, economic and social fronts, well-maintained USTs protect the earth, save you money and raise the public’s opinion of you. With all the benefits leak-free USTs bring, you’ll soon want to make fuel-tank maintenance the cornerstone of your fiscal policy.

Environmental Benefits

If a UST leaks, the fuel that escapes can contaminate the ground, the groundwater and even the air. Contaminated groundwater can make people sick, and the soil in the area may become unusable. When leaked fuel gets into the air, it becomes vapor, at which point the pollution threatens the health of everyone nearby.
Some leak sites have ended up as Superfund locations, which are sites that the government designates as in need of long-term cleanup efforts so the area can be safe and usable in the future. If you want to avoid environmental hazards, then focus on maintaining your tanks. High-quality handling can prevent most crises from occurring.

Financial Benefits

While underground storage tanks can significantly impact the environment, they can also impact your finances in the short term. High-profile fuel leaks reduce property values, which makes sense considering that fuel leaks contaminate the soil and water in the area. If you have a leak and don’t clean up your mess, then you’ll lose money if you try to sell the land.
In order for your land to retain its monetary value, you’ll need to clean up spills or prevent them from occurring in the first place. By choosing maintenance, you avoid the additional costs of cleaning up the earth, water and air, not to mention the extra time and energy required to deal with a crisis.

Societal Benefits

The public doesn’t smile on fuel leaks. After all, a fuel leak threatens the health of everyone in the area. If your site becomes contaminated, then your company could appear not to care about the planet or the health of the people in the community. And in addition to the health effects that individuals will have to pay to treat, the government may have to clean up the land, a project that will cost taxpayers money.
You don’t want the bad press that would come from being responsible for a spill or leak. You do, however, want the good press that would come with conscientious maintenance. Great maintenance will minimize your chances of a spill, and your community will view you as a company that cares when you put the people’s health needs and future above the drive for profit.
In fact, positive public opinion may even help your business grow. People want to work with companies that they feel make the world better, and since energy use can be a sensitive topic, a focus on the environment could set you apart from the competition. Your good reputation may help you partner with more and better companies. Together, you can work toward a brighter and more profitable future for everyone.
To set up regular maintenance and safety check, just call R & R Petro Services, Inc. We’ve served South Texas since 1998, and we will provide you with the high-quality maintenance and safety checks that you need to avoid a setback or even a disaster. We’re happy to help your company make your site safer and the world better.